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   On the 3rd Friday of the month, for fun, I use Facebook and Twitter to start a question about a screenshot from a scene of Supernatural. Via Facebook, there is my group AKFGuessSPNScene, as well as my personal page that I post on. Other SPN FB groups also have my posts. 

    Usually, I do a scene with the main cast and try to have a clue in the picture. Giving you guys 4 weeks, I post the answer in video form. I do all the seasons, letting you know upfront if Season 15 is used. The new clue is at the end.  I’m always searching for cosplayers, artists, or others on helping me share the love of Supernatural by featuring their stuff.  Keep an eye out for guest stars from SPN too.

   Email me with your episode answer or message me privately using FB, Twitter, or Instagram. Of course, you can comment wherever you find this. Subscribe on YouTube! Look for #AKFGuessSPNScene.

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