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While at Basic Training . . .

My face was aflame 
As my drill sergeant glared
At the held up chair
Clutched by my weighted down hands
And everyone noticed
Because of yesterday’s exhaustions
When I fell asleep
To the interesting lecture
Which was caught by an instructor
So that’s how to get forced
To hold up a chair
When you fall asleep
Because of the day before activities
When all I did
Was want to become a soldier.

Some Die So Others May Live

The Girl walked 
Quietly, By her 
Family and friends.  

She still couldn’t 
Believe it, that 
Their lives were 
At an end.  

That day will 
Soon be history, 
But before it’s gone, 

People will remember 
Those sacrifices, 
For the Girl 
Who walked on.  

She made a 
Solemn promise, to 
The lives that were lost, 

For she understood 
That day happened, 
At great 

This promise she 
Made was simple 
And true; 

So with tears 
And rain, she cried 
Up to the murky 

“I’ll remember you 
Through sorrow 
And laughter, 

I’ll remember you, 
As though I’ll 
See you 

Victories price, 
Was the cost 
Of your lives, 

And the terms 
And conditions, 
Was for my 
One life.  

Just so that 
You know, you 
Didn’t die in vain; 

I’ll give my 
Life to others, 
Without any 

With that she then 
Left, and through her 
Journeys she will give, 

A message to the 
World, of how 
Some die so others 
May live.